Accessories of small handicraft production exclusively Made In Italy.

Fashion accessories, with a glamorous style, handmade creations.

Scarf bags, bags in 100% leather, jewel scarves. Mixed fabrics in fine cotton, silk, or cashmere.

The availability of the individual creations are subject to variability, as they are handcrafted.

Hand-made garments, both in classic style and extremely contemporary and glamorous. Precious fabrics that further enhance your style.

With Trevi Profumo, a tradition of over 100 years continues. Founded in 1919 in Rome, the historic Terriaca Perfumery has passed through three generations of the Terriac Family, reaching the fourth one hundred years later.

The best perfumes, niche fragrances, luxury scents. A complete offer of Made in Italy perfumes and the best that artistic perfumery can offer.

Our headquarters remained that of the first day, in the most evocative and glamorous heart of Rome, in the Trevi Fountain. In particular, in Via del Lavatore 57.

Maintaining a strong identity with its own history, in an iconic place like the Trevi Fountain that recalls the Dolce Vita, Trevi Profumo offers a wide range of niche perfumes from established brands, but always looking for experimentation and novelty.

The AQUA TREVI perfume line, both Eau de Parfum and Home Fragrance, represents a new olfactory experience that we want to offer with the renovation of our boutique.

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